Understanding how the World Table works will help you increase your relevance and influence in the community.

This guide will walk you through general use of the World Table commenting system and explain some features and tools for Users. We do not monitor nor moderate commenting threads. All specific questions about moderation, blocked accounts, flags, etc.. should be directed to staff of the website where you are commenting rather than to World Table. For technical question, please submit a ticket through our Support Center.

"Not only are the surveys easy to use for readers, it’s extremely intuitive for editors. It makes sense to ask questions about a specific topic right there in the article itself. It enhances the work of the reporter and reader discussion.”

-Jordan Carol

Executive Editor,  Daily Herald


Create your commenting account by clicking the “sign in” button on the top right of the comment system.

After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you can create your account with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Disqus, or by using a valid email address.


To create an account using a social media account or Disqus, you’ll need to authenticate using the respective prompts. When signing up with email you’ll need to verify your email account by following the link in a verification email and create a password that you will use to log into the World Table.


Once you’re signed in, the “sign in” button will become a “profile / sign out” button. You can access your profile and edit your user settings, subscriptions, email notifications by clicking “profile."


For some sites, who opt to use SSO, a World Table commenting account will be created automatically for users who already have an account registered when they make a comment or give someone a kudos or a flag. Your World Table account is separate and independent of the newspaper account, with its own user settings, etc., but "sign in" is seamless and automatic when at sites who use SSO.


Once you’re logged in you can leave a comment, to an article or reply other user’s comments. As you begin typing your comment, guides will appear to that can be used to format your text using common markup (italics, bold, etc.). Hit “reply” to submit your comment.


One or more kudos can be given with or without commenting. Click the thumbs up to “agree” with a comment. Similarly, you can select one of the four other kudos icons to indicate that the article or comment stands out as thought-provoking, genuine/kind, entertaining, or helpful.


Reader comments can also be flagged by hovering over the flag icon. Your options range from calling out comments you deem unfair, or uncivil, to flagging a comment as clearly inappropriate for the community (threatening / obscene / spam).


You should be sure a comment deserves the flag you give, as users who inappropriately use flags can quickly lose credibility in the community over time (see below). If you give a flag and the moderators or site owners determine the flag was unjustly given, the flag will be removed and your score will be penalized. If you continue to flag unnecessarily your flagging privileges may be temporarily suspended or removed altogether. Do NOT use flags as a way to disagree with someone else. Reply to the comment and say why you disagree.


Comments you’ve submitted are editable until it has been replied to. Click the pencil icon on any comment you’ve made and then click the orange “save” button after you’ve made your changes. If there is no pencil icon, someone has replied and your comment is no longer editable.


At anytime easily remove your kudo(s) or unflag a comment by clicking the associated icon.


Your World Table score is determined by a combination of AI/Machine Learning focused on Sentiment Analysis, your Activity levels, the overall Quality of your contributions, and your Authenticity. Site owners adjust these dials and set their own tolerance thresholds to best determine which of these things matter most to them and reward their own users accordingly.


Your Activity is determined by the number of comments you contribute, the responses you get, and the kudos you give and receive. In most situations, the more kudos you receive and the more users you receive kudos from, the stronger your Activity Score will be. But a high Activity Score alone will not necessarily override the negative impact poor behavior will have on your score (keep reading). 

Quality: is determined in part by the kudos and flags your comments receive, but not necessarily by the volume. Quality is also affected by who you are receiving the kudos and/or flags from. Community members with high scores, site administrators, and moderators' opinions of your comments will have far greater impact on your score than average users or people with lower scores.

Sentiment: The World Table scoring algorithms use sentiment analysis to detect and treat personal attacks much like the way our spam filter detects spam. While the system won’t immediately block you for making a personal attack, personal attacks (against anyone: other commenters, public figures, etc.) will significantly decrease your score. Conversely, high activity and quality scores combined with little to no personal attacks will significantly improve your score.


Authenticity: We understand there’s a time and place for pseudonymity, but, there’s also real value in transparency, particularly when you are new in a community. You can improve your Authenticity Score by adding additional social accounts, making those accounts public, etc.. The more transparent and/or invested you are in your identity, the more trusted you are by others.


When Authenticity Just Isn’t Possible: If you cannot or do not want to reveal your identity for any reason, you can achieve the same score in the end. It might take the system a little more time to best determine your score, but if you contribute well and avoid making personal attacks, the long term results will be the same.



Moderation is done by administrative staff from the website as they see fit. World Table will happily handle technical support questions, or questions about our software. However, questions about moderation and decisions by the moderators should be directed to the website staff themselves.



Why is my score dropping? 

Score is recalculated daily. All elements of the World Table score have a limited lifetime, so for example, after a flagged or moderator deleted comment turns 90 days old, that comment no longer counts against your score - and you might see an increase in your score. Similarly, the activity portion of score is determined as the total # of active days over a period of time. Because of this when a commenter takes a break from commenting it is common for score to decrease. These effects are not linear, as components of score work in combination sophisticated proprietary algorithm.


Why has my score dropped so much that I am no longer allowed to participate?

Generally users who fall below the threshold score for participation have had many comments deleted by moderators, or are consistently being flagged by many different users. Score is a balance of the “good” and the "bad.” Flags, inappropriately given flags, and deletions all decrease score - with comments being deleted by a moderator having the biggest negative impact on score. Linking social accounts, regular activity and receiving positive feedback from many different users all have a positive impact on score.

How can I raise my score?

Make good comments! And, if you have fallen below the threshold score, some users may be able to raise their score sufficiently by linking additional social accounts, making those social accounts public, using their real name, adding a location to their profile. If none of that works, it might be time to take a break for a while and let deleted comments “expire.”

Why have I been blocked from commenting?

There are three possibilities: 1) an admin from the site has manually blocked your account, 2) an admin has given you a timeout (duration varies), or 3) your score has fallen below the threshold set by the site admins. For 1 and 2, your only option is to communicate with the site admins. If your score has fallen below the threshold, see above for ways to improve your score.


Congratulations! You must have said something amazing!


What are these? These selections present a credible and articulate point of view or dissenting opinion, meet basic journalistic standards, and/or contribute additional details or perspectives to an article.



How are they determined? Selections are determined by a combination of AI / machine learning and input from respected commenters and site admins.


What are they not? Selections are not endorsements of opinions or positions. Neither are they popularity contests determined by “most” kudos.

NOTE: Sometimes these selections are also titled "Editor's Pick". Well Said selections are often used when someone besides the Editor at the paper has made the selection. The label or title is determined by each paper separately.


In the Notifications tab of your profile you can configure your in-app and email notifications. You can receive notifications immediately, daily, weekly, or never.



If you’ve signed up with a social media account, the email associated with that account will automatically be used as your email for the World Table. You can change your email address or remove it entirely in your profile, under the Email section.



In order to sign in with your email address, click “set sign-in password”. You’ll be asked to enter your password twice to confirm.


The World Table badge helps users create and associate an identity with their commenting account. In the Profile tab, there is a “Badge” area at the top. You’ll notice your current picture says “edit” at the bottom.

Once you click your picture, you can use any picture that your connected social accounts are using, or you can use a randomly generated gravatar (click the orange loop button on the gravatar to generate a new one). Click the orange “select” button once you’ve chosen a picture you like, then “update” to save the changes.


Within the Badge you can also choose to show your general location, any tag line or quote you want to display, whether or not your displayed name is your real name or a pseudonym, and whether or not to show your social media accounts in your profile or keep them private.



If you have logged into The World Table using two different methods (example: You initially sign up with Twitter then log in the next day with Facebook), two separate accounts will be created.

To merge these accounts, log in with one of the accounts you’ve used to sign in. Once logged in, navigate to the Profile tab on the left in your profile, then to a section called “Social accounts”.


Click the blue “add” button and log in with the desired social media account (most likely the duplicate account you have). Once it has been added your accounts will merge together. You can also remove a social account by clicking the blue “remove” button.


If you find a bug, or wish to make a suggestion or feature request please submit a Support Ticket.


Tickets can be created here, or from the “feedback" link found in the footer of the commenting plugin. Please include as much information as possible so we can help troubleshoot the issues you are experiencing. We try to respond within 24 hours but larger issues may require more time to investigate.