Our publishers tools are focussed on helping publishers look beyond just page views and instead start looking into how their authors are interacting with their audience members.


It's crucial that publishers understand how and why the audience is reacting the way they are. 


See analytics, get reports, learn what your authors are doing that works and find ways your team can improve

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"How do we actually change the entire industry?"

"I can tell how many people are commenting, how many articles they’re commenting on, and even how many kudos they’re giving.”

-Beth O'Malley

Audience Engagement Editor,

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


Our analytics allow you to see at a glance how your authors are engaging their reading audience. The journalist tools are designed to help your authors bring the reading audience onto an even level with themselves in a way that is easy, intuitive, and integrated into their normal work flow.

Track such things as:

  • Comment Count

  • Sign Ups Per Article

  • Article Ratings Received

  • Rating Average

  • Surveys Given

  • Surveys Responded Too

  • Kudos Given

  • Kudos Received 

Analytics will be enabled on the site by default. Live site analytics can be viewed by clicking the "Analytics" tab in the profile. 

Click "options" for the upper right corner, then select duration in weeks, and make changes to the chart type and the data "columns" shown.

You can receive weekly analytics reports via email, by entering email addresses for all desired recipients separated by commas. 

Salt Lake Tribune Publisher:
"What I like about this software..."

Paul Hunstman, Publisher of the Salt Lake Tribune, explains why they made the switch to World Table and what he likes about the software and the team.

(starts around 8:22)