This guide will walk you through general use of the World Table commenting system and introduce you to some of the features and tools for Administrators. If you need technical documentation or help with installation please send us an email and we'll get back to you asap.


If you need additional help or if you've found a bug, please submit a ticket through our Support Center.

"There are far more controls on the backend of this system than Facebook ever offered us.”

-Beth O'Malley

Audience Engagement Editor,

St. Louis Post-Dispatch


In your Profile you will see a tab on the left called “Sites”. Once you click it you should see your Site with a blue “show detail” button. This section shows admins, authors, site thresholds and most other configuration settings on your site.


Why add authors in the World Table? When your authors' CMS accounts are associated with the World Table system, they can add surveys and moderate on articles they author, and their comments are identified in the thread when they participate.


Administrators can change all site settings and add authors and admins. They can set site thresholds (see below), add surveys throughout the site, block users and take all other moderation actions (see below).


We’ve created powerful admin tools that in combination with World Table’s scoring algorithms, give you the unprecedented ability to let your community moderate itself. You set the thresholds for comment and user scores and the community does the rest. Comments are hidden in the thread when they fall below the quality threshold score you set. And when a user’s World Table score (reputation) falls below the Minimum User Score you set, they are no longer able to participate on your site. Problem solved.


Editor's Picks are a simple but powerful way to highlight and reward the best comments from your community.

To enable this feature, simply click to toggle from within your Site Settings. If a custom name is selected, for example "Well Said," a two character Short Name should also be selected for display on mobile.

Admins can award an Editor's Pick from within the commenting thread simply by clicking the ribbon on the deserving comment. Comments earning an "Editor's Pick" are given a badge and sorted to the top of the thread.


Article Ratings and In-Article Surveys engage your audience in simple, but effective ways, increasing participation, building community and increasing signups (see case study).

Site Administrators can turn Article Ratings and Surveys on for their site with a click in Site Settings. If you have a section that would be best without an article ratings (e.g., obituaries) please email our support staff.


After surveys have been enabled (see above), a Survey Creation Form will appear on your published page above the commenting plugin. To add a survey to the page, simply type the question you want to ask, and add answers separated by commas in the respective fields. Optional: you may also add a custom follow-up note that prompts users to join the discussion after responding to a survey.

After readers take the survey, either the default or your custom prompt encourages readers to create an account/make a comment.

Surveys can also be placed within the article by pasting the following element within the body of the article: <div id="twt-engagement-tool-widget"></div>. After pasting the element, the Survey Creation Form will appear in the article where the element was pasted.


Analytics will be enabled on the site by default. Live site analytics can be viewed by clicking the "Analytics" tab in the profile. 

Click "options" for the upper right corner, then select duration in weeks, and make changes to the chart type and the data "columns" shown.

You can receive weekly analytics reports via email, by entering email addresses for all desired recipients separated by commas.