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Wow…I Had You Totally Wrong

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

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Many years ago I started a new job in a new state doing something I was totally unqualified to do. Frankly, it was a tremendous opportunity for me that I didn’t deserve.

It took almost no time before those who were over me figured out I was not what they had hoped for. This resulted in a very public flogging that left me completely humiliated.

An older gentleman came to me afterwards and offered to help me get up to speed. He patiently worked with me every day for a few months until I eventually learned what I needed to know.

Strangely, through the process we never forged a great bond or friendship. He came, helped, and then left. What makes this experience meaningful is not what happened to me as a result if his help, but what had happened before I met this man.

I had grown up in a very small and very conservative community (religiously and politically).

In both appearance and lifestyle, this man represented everything I had been raised to believe was “wrong.”

And yet, he was the only person who cared enough to help me make it through that very difficult time.

So, while I did learn a lot about the job from this man, I actually learned much more about life.

Let me share this great quote from the PRESUME GOOD WILL principle from The Way of Openness:

“…more often than not, we sabotage our [relationships] because we presume the other party has bad will…”

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