• Bryan Hall

When Kindness Fails…It’s The Exception

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Kindness is never outdated.

Kindness has a magical way of succeeding when so many other things fail. It is true that on some rare occasions kindness does not solve the problem or make the situation any better. But this is the exception to the rule.

Try this simple test and see for yourself:

Be kind ten times today.

If you’re stuck in a funk with someone you care about, try being kind.

If you’re annoyed with someone at work, try being kind.

If you have been avoiding eye contact with certain neighbors, the waiter, or even odd looking strangers, just pause for one second and remember all the crap you’ve been through in your own life and cut them some slack this time.

Just be kind today and observe the outcome. I’ll bet you nine times out of ten it very much succeeds.

May I share a great quote from the BE KIND principle from The Way of Openness:

“Kindness is never outdated.”


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