• Bryan Hall

The Honest Mirror Test

Updated: Jul 9, 2019


Ever stand in front of a mirror and take a long hard look at yourself?

I mean really look deep into your own eyes and ask yourself who is actually staring back at you?

If you try it for more than a few seconds (without looking away), it can be quite arresting.

If you try it for more than five minutes, it can significantly affect what kind of day you will have.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Forget about your hair, or zits, or makeup, and just stand there, staring into your own eyes, until it is no longer uncomfortable. (NOTE: The longer it takes to feel perfectly at ease, the more you need this exercise.)

Something magical happens after about five (maybe ten) minutes: You’re forced to have an honest conversation with yourself.

Either you will have the courage to talk to yourself honestly, or your will look away. There is no in between.

You will either have the conversation, or you won’t.

Again, try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean.

Have the conversation.

It might bring some tears, or bad memories, or just plain old disappointment, but you’ll finally get the feedback you’ve been so desperately craving.

May I share a great quote from the BE HONEST principle from The Way of Openness?

“When you get to a point in life where you can be perfectly honest with yourself, being honest with others happens naturally.”


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