• Bryan Hall

Did I Take Your Spot?

Updated: Jul 9, 2019


What if every time you went to a restaurant, the loudest, most talkative person in line could automatically jump strait to the front?

It sounds odd but we’ve all seen this on occasion, someone barges into some establishment and demands to be served immediately at the expense of everyone else around them.

Unless there’s an obvious emergency we tend to look at those people as selfish jerks. I mean, you and I would never do that!

Now imagine that same person never really leaving, but, instead just standing there at the front of the line buying the same thing(s) or demanding the same service(s) over and over and over again (or even worse, buying totally random things over and over again – but still never leaving).

Sounds absurd right?

But that’s kind of what happens when we refuse to share the floor with others in a conversation. We become that person.

Sharing the floor with others isn’t so much about splitting the time evenly. It’s about sharing the turns or opportunities to speak equally.

Here’s a great quote from the SHARE THE FLOOR principle in The Way of Openness:

“…hogging the floor is just rude, and nobody wants that.”


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