"Perhaps more than ever... 

...journalists need friends in the business world."

-Bryan Hall

CEO, World Table



World Table PBC is a publicly registered benefit corporation and a Certified B Corporation. This is a decision we made early on (Feb 2015) and even though we have scrambled through many various pivots and changes in our technology, our core mission has remained in tact.

Public Benefit Corporations operate like regular corporations with one major exception: Corporations are legally required to maximize profits for their shareholders as their reason for existence. Public Benefit Corporations are allowed to legally add an additional reason for existence that serves a social or environmental need - allowing them to serve both purposes.


Certified” Public Benefit Corporations meet even higher standards that prove (or certify) they are doing the things they claim to be doing - or at least trying.


We have chosen Journalism as the cause we want our business to serve.


One of the unique things about our company is that we continually bring in advisors from within the newspaper, journalism, and academic industry and ask them to help us help them. In return we give them meaningful ownership (options) of the company - which translates into honest power and influence over some of our most important decisions.

We know we can't solve these problems without them.

World Table Advisors are expected to hold us accountable privately and publicly. These positions are compensated and there is no firewall between them and our decisions, flaws and agendas. Advisors are expected to advocate for our cause, help us navigate the news industry, and be our voice.


Advisors have the power to ratify our final mission statement, guiding principles, and core goals, which are then voted on by our Board of Directors as part of our company’s legal and binding reason for existence.