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"Journalists, publishers, and the public all need a new set of tools."

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Our mission as a company is to develop products and approaches that will encourage the public to value, engage with, and pay for high quality journalism.

That means we need new tools. 


Journalists, publishers, and the public all need a new set of journalistic tools - new ways to interact that helps protect journalistic integrity and collect a fair price at the same time.​

All of our products are designed in this mindset.


"The product helps us showcase the best contributions from our reading audience in a way that tells the community we’re serious about hosting the important conversations.”

-Jennifer Napier-Pearce

 Editor, Salt Lake Tribune


Designed by and with journalists. Effective journalism must provide a forum for public critique and compromise. All of our journalist's tools are designed to allow the author to engage the audience in powerful ways without interrupting their own workflow. LEARN MORE

Our publishers tools are focussed on helping publishers look beyond just page views and instead start looking into how their authors are interacting with their audience members, and how (and why) the audience is reacting. See analytics, get reports, learn what your authors are doing that works and find ways your team can improve. LEARN MORE

The old way of trying to moderate by constantly blocking and banning users has proven to be totally unsustainable because papers today can't afford that approach. But turning comments off altogether is not an acceptable response from credible community newspapers. Our system focuses on identifying the people you do want making commentary on your site and rewards them while minimizing the power of those you don't. LEARN MORE


"With the World Table system, the comment community is much more self-governing. I spend a fraction of the time moderating comments now."

- Kelly Cannon

Web Manager, Salt Lake Tribune

"We've seen a dramatic improvement using World Table."

-Stacy Johnson

 Online Editor, Daily Herald

At World Table we view the audience themselves as equal companions to the journalists and publishers. All are needed to make this work. To that end we help the audience better present themselves and their arguments to the public and to the paper. We help them build credibility and benefit from that prestige in a way that fuels more and more feedback and story creation and ideation for the paper. Sometimes journalists struggle with this concept of true equality. We aim to help them embrace it. LEARN MORE

The technical team at any paper, large or small, makes things run. But they're slammed today and often severely depleted. We've worked hard to minimize the additional learning required to use these products and explain things in plain terms so even non-technical people can understand them. LEARN MORE


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We understand how limited technical resources can be at many papers. We've worked extra hard to make on-boarding and technical implementation as simple as can be. Choose your CMS and follow the steps. Don't hesitate to just email, or call us directly for immediate help.

Over 60% of daily newspapers in the US use BLOX as their CMS. We are proud partners with TownNews (makers of BLOX) and all our products are seamlessly integrated into the BLOX CMS system - including Single-Sign-On services.

ARC is a new up-and-coming CMS intended for larger newspapers. Our system is fully compatible with ARC's architecture and can be implemented in minutes.

About 26% of US dailies run on WordPress so we have tried to make this as easy as possible for them. All that is required for installation is a few lines of markup code and minimal technical expertise. 

Even if you're not using one of these three CMS's above our system is almost guaranteed to be compatible with whatever you've got - including custom build sites.